Part of the Smiles Elevated mission is to help lift the smiles of our community, near and far.

World Central Kitchen

Smiles Elevated | Pediatric Dentistry, Scaling and Root Planing and Comprehensive Care

As many of you know, Dr Wood grew up in Kiev, Ukraine before moving to Maryland at the age of 9. To help support those affected by war in Ukraine and around the world, Smiles Elevated donates a portion of its proceeds to World Central Kitchen. This organization delivers meals to bomb shelters, hospitals, churches, homes of seniors and people trapped in the front lines, and privides meals to refugees at border crossings. Click here if you would like to learn more about or donate to the organization.

Smiles Elevated

Capital Pride Alliance

Growing up as an immigrant attending a private school on a needs based scholarship, Dr. Wood understands the value of inclusion. Smiles Elevated donates its services and contributes a portion of its proceeds to Capital Pride Alliance to help this organization with its advocacy efforts.

International Dental Missions

Dr. Wood grew up watching her mom champion the futures of Ukrainian orphans by connecting them with host families over the summer beyond the Soviet borders. Dr. Wood continues follows in her mom’s footsteps by participating in dental mission trips to the underserved corners of the world.

Smiles Elevated | Periodontal Treatment, Dermal Fillers and Preventative Program

Animojis are a universal language

Smiles Elevated | Dental Bridges, Dentures and Dental Fillings

Sending basic supplies to friends in the Peruvian Amazon. This community relies on international tourism for survival and was particularly hard hit during the COVID pandemic.

Smiles Elevated | Night Guards, Dental Cleanings and Sleep Apnea

Apparently the only one afraid of the dentist here is me

Smiles Elevated | Root Canals, Sports Mouthguards and Pediatric Dentistry

Merging my passion for dentistry and soft spot for kids on a dental mission trip to Moroccan orphanages

Smiles Elevated | TMJ Disorders, Teeth Whitening and Ceramic Crowns

Trying local delicacies in Morocco with the other volunteers

Smiles Elevated | Extractions, Root Canals and Sports Mouthguards

Sharing oral hygiene tips with underserved families in Virginia

Smiles Elevated | Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Cleanings and Dentures

Taking a break from dentistry with some drumming

Smiles Elevated | TMJ Disorders, Dental Cleanings and Root Canals

Doing some dentistry at the orphanage clinic

Smiles Elevated | Implant Dentistry, Emergency Treatment and Snoring Appliances

Hey we are famous in Marocco!

Smiles Elevated | Extractions, Snoring Appliances and Implant Dentistry

Spending some time with our volunteers

Smiles Elevated

Our dedicated volunteer crew!

Smiles Elevated

Taking a breather with the local docs

Smiles Elevated

Love these kids!

Smiles Elevated

We're on the news!

Smiles Elevated

Docs and patients ready to start our day!

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