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Whether you have a coffee addiction or quit smoking and get a daily reminder of your past habit from the dark pigment left on your teeth, professional tooth whitening can help lift years of stain off your teeth. Our practice offers two types of whitening systems: GLO and KOR. Let's review which system is right for you.


Do your teeth have dark, stubborn stains that have not responded to prior in office professional whitening procedures? Have you been told that you have tetracycline stains? Are you looking to achieve an ultra white look? If so, KOR teeth whitening is recognized as the world's most effective whitening system, able to whiten even antibiotic-stained teeth, previously thought to be impossible.

What Sets KöR Whitening Apart?

KöR works by restoring your teeth’s youthful ability to absorb oxygen. When oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the teeth, it dissolves and virtually erases the stain molecules. KöR is the only whitening system available that is refrigerated from the moment it is manufactured until it is placed on your teeth. Most teeth whitening systems are effective for 25-35 minutes because saliva contamination destroys the active ingredient. However, KöR uses specially sealed custom trays engineered to keep saliva away from the whitening gel while it works on your teeth. As a result, the product continues to be activated for up to 10 hours as you whiten your teeth during your sleep.

What to expect with KöR

We will start by scanning your teeth to create a 3-D model, which will be used to fabricate customized KöR-Seal whitening trays. During a follow-up appointment, you will receive your custom whitening trays, KöR whitening gel, a desensitizing gel, and instructions on how to use your KöR Whitening System. Patients typically wear their KöR whitening trays at home for two weeks during sleep.

After your two weeks of at-home teeth bleaching, you will return to our office for an in-office whitening session, which will be between one and two hours in length. To maintain the brightness of your smile, we recommend using your custom trays once per month.


If your teeth are free of antibiotic stain but have darkened over time from coffee, soda, tea, red wine or tobacco, the GLO system is designed to lift these stain particles from your teeth. GLO stands for Guided Light Optics and uses a device that combines heat and light to activate a whitening gel applied to your teeth.

What to expect with GLO

We start your whitening process with an in-office treatment, during which a specially designed mouthpiece uses light and heat to activate whitening gel applied to your teeth. After the in-office procedure is complete, your teeth will appear significantly whiter without experiencing sensitivity! The next step is to complete the whitening process at home. We will provide you with a home care kit that includes everything you need, including a supply of gel and your own GLO mouthpiece. It is recommended to use the home care kit for 5 days for optimal results.

If you are unsure of which option is right for you, our doctors will be happy to provide you with their guidance!

Post Operative Instructions

The next 48 hours are important in enhancing and maximizing your whitening results for a long lasting, bright and healthy smile.


Color Spotting on the teeth may occur after in-office whitening due to temporary dehydration of the teeth. This should diminish within a few days after treatment. The whitening process will continue for 48 hours after treatment.


During the first 24 hours after whitening treatment, some patients can experience some tooth sensitivity or pain. This is normal and is usually mild, but it can be worse in susceptible individuals. Normally, tooth sensitivity or pain following a treatment subsides within 24 hours, but in rare cases can persist for longer periods of time. You may wish to take an over-the-counter pain reliever (one you would use for a headache). Some patients experience sensitivity such as “zingers” or thermal sensitivity 12 to 24 hours after whitening. Brushing your teeth with sensitive toothpaste, such as Sensodyne, or Fluoridex Daily Defense Sensitivity Relief toothpaste for the weeks following the procedure is strongly recommended.

Now that your teeth are significantly whiter, there are a few guidelines to help maintain the look of your new smile. The teeth have a protective layer called the protein pellicle. This layer contains the surface dental stains and is removed during whitening treatments. It takes 24-48 hours for the barrier to fully develop again.

For the next 48 hours post treatment, we recommend avoiding dark staining substances, such as:

  • Red wine, Cola, Coffee and tea 
  • Berries such as cherries, blueberries, strawberries, dark grapes 
  • Tobacco products 
  • Red sauces, mustard or ketchup, soy sauce, salsa and other red sauces
  • If it will stain your clothes, it will eventually stain your teeth 
  • Colored lipstick 
  • Colored mouthwash including PreviDent Fluoride Rinse

If your daily homecare involves the use of PerioRx or any Chlorhexidine, please wait 48 hours before continuing the usage of this product.

Additional ways to maintain your smile:

  • Avoid staining related habits.
  • Use an automated toothbrush like Oral B io or Philips Sonicare.
  • Regular professional dental hygiene care to maintain oral health, keep staining to a minimum.

Practice good oral hygiene by tooth brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning. We will assist you in selecting the products to maintain not only a white smile, but a healthy one as well!

Take home Whitening Kit for 5 days after Treatment:

To enhance the whitening result, continue to use your home whitening kit as recommended by your dentist (up to 5 days would be ideal).

If your teeth are not too sensitive, try bleaching a few more times with the take home kit during the first five days after your office visit to maximize your results and attain the whitest shade possible. Store any remaining whitening gel in the refrigerator for later use. Remove from fridge 1 hour prior to use. If sensitivity is uncomfortable, stop and reduce time and/or frequency of treatment. If too uncomfortable, stop all together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to whiten my smile?


While an overwhelming selection of over-the-counter teeth whitening products is readily available for purchase at stores or online, it's imperative to keep in mind that the healthiest and most effective methods of care are those professionally supervised by your dentist. With a teeth whitening procedure provided by our office, we can safely, comfortably, and effectively transform your smile by up to several shades in a short amount of time.

How does a teeth whitening work?


Teeth whitening offers a simple and non-invasive to whiten and brighten your smile. Whitening products contain various strengths of biologically safe hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that act as bleaching agents on stained or discolored dental enamel. By breaking the stains into smaller pieces, these bleaching agents make the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter.

Is teeth whitening painful?


Every patient is different, and despite the fact that many people experience no sensitivity or pain with a professional teeth whitening, there are some that do. Although considered a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, some temporary discomfort during and following the procedure may ensue. It helps to stick to room temperature beverages for a few days following a teeth whitening. You can also take over-the-counter pain medication as you would for a headache. If you have a history of sensitive teeth, we may select a gentler formulation of whitening products or an alternative procedure.

Will a tooth whitening procedure work on crowns, veneers, bonding, or tooth-colored fillings?


Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. The fact that whiteners do not affect the color of existing dental fillings, veneers, bonding, crowns, or bridges on the front teeth remains an important consideration when choosing the best cosmetic option in care.

Is teeth whitening safe?


As a rule, the healthiest and most effective methods of teeth whitening are the ones managed and supervised by your dentist. You can count on our office to provide the most effective, safest, and satisfying professional-strength options to whiten, brighten, and lighten your smile! Stay away from over-the-counter products, which may be overly abrasive or put the health of your teeth and the surrounding soft tissues at risk. While these products may work when healthy teeth and gums are present, they're often ineffective or problematic when sensitive teeth, exposed roots, cavities, broken fillings, cracked teeth, or loose dental work are the case.

How long do the results of teeth whitening last?


How long your teeth whitening lasts depends on your lifestyle. Your eating, drinking, and smoking habits can have a significant impact on maintaining your result. Of course, the best way to ensure that your smile stays healthy and beautiful is a good daily oral healthcare regimen, along with regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Does dental insurance cover teeth whitening procedures?


It's essential to keep in mind that as a cosmetic dental procedure, a teeth whitening may not be covered by your insurance plan. We understand the financial considerations involved in care and do our best to help you get the treatment you need without any additional stress or day. We offer several payment options and financing plans to make things easier.

Why choose the office of Smiles Elevated


At the office of Smiles Elevated, we want every patient to enjoy the benefits of a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of advanced services to keep your smile in tip-top health, we also provide leading-edge cosmetic solutions to transform less-than-perfect-looking teeth into ones that dazzle.

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