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Comprehensive Care

Your Smiles Elevated journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums. Using a co-diagnostic model, together we create a customized treatment plan to meet your unique goals and needs. Your examination will include low radiation digital x-rays, intraoral pictures, and a complimentary oral cancer screening. We will then gently break up plaque and tartar below your gums. Our visit will culminate with a customized home care routine designed with your mouth in mind to help you maintain your smile between visits.

Dental Emergency

If you are having a dental emergency, please call our office and we will do our best to shift our schedule to get you out of pain STAT. During your visit, we will complete a 15-30 minute clinical examination and take an X-ray of the affected area to properly evaluate your issue. We will then be able to provide you with a clear plan of what needs to be done to have you feeling comfortable again.


If your teeth appear dark, small, uneven, or chipped, porcelain veneers may be a great option. Our team collaborates with a renowned ceramist to design and create restorations that mimic nature's beauty and harmony.

Teeth Whitening

Whether you have a coffee addiction or quit smoking and get a daily reminder of your past habit from the dark pigment left on your teeth, professional tooth whitening can help lift years of stain off your teeth. Our practice offers two types of whitening systems: GLO and KOR. Let's review which system is right for you.


Botox can treat a number of esthetic and functional concerns, from managing tooth grinding to softening fine lines and wrinkles.


Invisalign® uses a series of customized, clear aligners to straighten your teeth without wearing traditional braces. The aligners are nearly invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Our doctors are certified Invisalign® treatment providers and have treated many cases with this system.


Say goodbye to the days of metal fillings and welcome in the age of modern, esthetic materials. At Smiles Elevated, we are a mercury-free practice!

When you develop a cavity, we carefully remove the decayed area and restore the tooth with the highest quality tooth colored filling material. For larger cavities or perhaps a broken cusp, ceramic fillings may provide a more conservative option to full coverage crowns.


Whether you’ve lost a tooth or it was never there to begin with, dental implants provide an esthetic alternative to natural teeth.

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone to provide stable support for artificial teeth. If you lost a tooth long ago, you may first need some additional bone grafting to prepare the area for implants. Dentures and bridges mounted to implants won’t slip, so you can feel more comfortable and confident about eating and speaking. After receiving implants, regular follow-up visits are a must.


Crowns are full-coverage restorations used to cover a tooth that is weak and likely to break without reinforcement. Crowns help to strengthen heavily restored teeth to prevent fracture, reinforce root canal treated and heavily worn teeth, and improve the appearance of significantly discolored or fractured teeth.

Root Canals

If your tooth is severely decayed or infected, leaving you cringing in pain, root canal therapy can save your tooth and get you out of pain fast.

Pediatric Dentistry

Both Dr. Wood and Dr. Golpayegani are moms and are passionate about helping parents come up with creative ways to get their kids to brush and prevent oral disease. If they do get a cavity, rest assured your kids won’t be screaming in pain and will actually feel proud of how well they did after their visit!


While we do our very best to save teeth, some teeth require extraction.


If you have lost some or all of your teeth, dentures may be a good solution. They can rest on your gums or snap onto dental implants inside the bone for increased stability. Whichever option works for your lifestyle and budget, modern dentures can look natural and beautiful.


If you have lost a tooth and a dental implant won’t work in your particular circumstances, bridges provide an alternative solution. A dental bridge offers a highly effective, stable, and fixed solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike removable partial dentures that clasp on to the remaining teeth, a dental bridge relies on the support of crowns attached to teeth adjacent to the edentulous area (space without teeth) or strategically placed dental implants. In addition to restoring the look, feel, and function of a natural smile, they also prevent the teeth from shifting, thereby protecting the alignment of a patient's bite.

Bad Breath

Bad breath got you down? We understand how uncomfortable and embarrassing this may feel and will help you figure out the cause and solution to the issue.

Scaling and Root Planing

Some patients require more than routine preventative cleanings due to the presence of hardened tartar below the gum line. Scaling and root planing, or deep cleanings remove this tartar and help to reverse gum disease, preventing bone loss around the teeth and eventual tooth loss.

Night Guards

Night guards are customized appliances that fit over your teeth to protect them from wear and excessive clenching forces while you sleep. This will also help prolong the longevity of your restorations and preserve the investments you have made in your oral health.

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep apnea is a serious and potentially life threatening disorder involving repeated pauses in breathing while asleep. This occurs when there is an obstruction of an individual’s airway that interferes with the flow of oxygen through the nose or mouth during sleep. In someone afflicted with obstructive sleep apnea, the muscles of the throat and mouth relax during sleep to the point where they fall back into the upper airway and create a blockage that restricts breathing.

Don’t see what you are looking for in this list? Give us a call to discuss how we can best meet your dental needs.

Smiles Elevated | Implants, Fillings and Impressionless Dentistry

Impressionless Dentistry

3-D Scanning for Crowns, Veneers, Night Guards and Invisalign

We are passionate about incorporating new technology to improve the patient experience and the precision of our treatment.

That's why we have invested in using 3-D scanners that digitally scan your mouth in place of gooey impression material. These scans can also be used to track any changes in your teeth, measuring tooth wear, crowding and gum recession over time.

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